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By leveraging the experience and facilities like our fully automatic calibration masters, we can provide a very low cost of calibration service for our customer. Our calibration lab is one of the biggest calibration labs in the industry and has more than 20 sets of computer automatic calibration masters give maximum speed and accuracy.

EZU Technologies Ltd has nearly two decades of experience of managing calibration and achieved ISO/IEC 17025 international standard. All calibration masters are all traceable to ¡§National Institute of Standards and Technology¡¨ or national standard.

EZU Calibration Laboratory is an A2LA accredited calibration laboratory. We are accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 for the specific calibrations listed on A2LA Certificate Number 3979.01

We have developed a very use-friendly system for customer to control the calibration experience. Just one click of a button, the system will list out all the calibration records. Customers could easily access the calibration certificate or data report of the instruments calibrated by EZU Technologies Ltd. We have adopted a color distinguish system which customers could simply tell the status of the instrument by the color shows on the table.

When the calibration date of an instrument has expired, it will show as RED on the table. Customers just click on the hyperlink under ¡§Status¡¨, and they can inform us to arrange for another calibration appointment by sending us an email.


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