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  Calibration System

Calibration System
1. Calibration System
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Cal Masters

Calibration Systems
We have established the GP-IB controlled automatic calibration software to provide a fast and accurate calibration service to our customers.

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Why Use The Automatic Calibration System
  Computer Manual
Accuracy Retrieve data by computing thus greatly improve the accuracy of measurement Manual input may cause human error
Reliability Increase test points to make highly measurement precision Test points are unstable by manual input
Calibration Speed Time of calibration is fixed and relative fast Time of calibration is unstable due to human relaxation
Continuously 24 hours operation without human error Human error may increase
Lead Time Relative short due to the fully automatic process May take long lead time due to the manual process

All calibrated units will come with calibration certificates.

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Cal Masters
Within our 20 set of calibration masters, there are 8 categories of systems that can calibrate 10 types instrument.

Calibration System Instrument Category Model Examples Calibration bandwidth
Signal Generator
Calibration System
Signal Generator Agilent ESG Series Signal Generator, R&S SMIQ series Signal Generator Upto 26.5GhHz
Impedance Analyzer HP 4191A Impedance measurement upto 1GHz
Comm. Test Set Calibration System Radio Communication Test Set Agilent 8920/8924 series Communication Test Set Upto 1GHz
Spectrum Analyzer Calibration System Spectrum Analyzer Agilent ESA Series Spectrum Analyzer, Agilent 8590/ 8560 Series Spectrum Analyzer. Upto 26.5GHz
Frequency Counter Calibration System Frequency Counter Agilent 53131A/53132A Upto 3GHz
AC & DC Calibration System Audio Analyzer HP 8903B Upto 100KHz
DC Power Supply Calibration System Digital Multi-Meter Agilent 3457A Upto 4.5 Digits
DC power Supply Agilent 66309/311, Agilent 6620/6630 series Upto 60V,20A
Oscilloscope Calibration System Oscilloscope Agilent 54620 series Upto 1GHz
Network Analyzer Calibration System Network Analyzer HP 8753D/E Series Network Analyzer, Advantest R3765/67 Series Network Analyzer Upto 8Ghz
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