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 Calibration Services FAQ
1 What type of instrument can EZU calibrate?
  You can search the brand and model in our web site which we can provide calibration.
Our calibration center could calibrate :
- Signal Generator
- Impedance Analyzer
- Radio Communication Test Set
- Spectrum Analyzer
- Frequency Counter
- Audio Analyzer
- Digital Multi-Meter
- DC power Supply
- Oscilloscope
- Network Analyzer
- RF Attenuator
- RF Amplifier
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2 Do your calibration procedure meet any international standard requirement?
  Yes, our calibration procedure meets the ISO 9001:2000 requirement. All calibration masters and procedure are traceable to international standards.
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3 Is there any traceability of your calibration certificate?
  Yes, our calibration masters are traceable to N.I.S.T., and other national standard.
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4 What type of calibration procedures you are using?
  Our internal calibration procedures follow manufacturer service / calibration manual.
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5 Does the calibration fee also include the delivery charge?
  Delivery charge is not included in calibration fee. (HK Island HKD520(One Way), Kowloon HKD380(One Way), New Territories(Excl. Airport)HKD490(One Way), Airport and Remote Area HKD620(One Way) ).
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6 What if the calibration results turn out as ˇ§Failedˇ¨?
  If the calibration of the instrument turns out as ˇ§failedˇ¨, customers could take the same instrument (with same serial number) back to us for re-calibration for 2 more times without extra cost. From the 4th time on, we will charge each calibration accordingly. This service DOES NOT include in On-Site calibration.
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7 Can you re-issue calibration certificates and reports if customer lost the original cal cert?
  The calibration data stored in database, customers could log into their accounts and retrieve the certificate or report anytime they need.
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8 What is the range of temperature and relative humidity of your calibration lab?
  With environmental monitor of the range within 20 to 26 Co , 40 to 65% R.H.
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9 Do you provide repair / adjustment service for the UUT which out of specification/ out of order after calibration?
  Depend on the Brand and model. Please contact out sales for details
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10 Will EZU perform any adjustment for the unit within specification during calibration?
  The calibration does not include adjustment. However, normally the unit not requires performing adjustment.
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11 What is the recommend calibration interval for the UUT?
  Calibration interval is recommended 1 year.
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